Curiosity Wireless G2 (Tethered)

  • Comfort Technology: squishy form flexing material for extended use
  • Responds to body heat for improved comfort the longer you listen
  • Noise isolation for a bigger, cleaner sound with with industry leading dB tolerance
  • ‘HRA’ - High-resolution sound that has extremely high intelligibility of the spoken-word
  • Duel-Mic system for optimal communication 
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5 tether cable: Detachable from ear piece, which can be replaced with T2 Wired Cable option to plug directly into your device, if purchased. 
  • Active usage: Up to 8hrs  Standby usage: Up to 1000hrs
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Leading Comfort Fit Technology

Custom designed soft pliable silicone earbuds that deliver endless comfort for your ears to flawlessly absorb all your audio content.

Premium Grade Sound

Skillfully tuned earbuds provide balanced seamless sound with dynamic range. Every word and note will sound as they were intended to be heard.

Noise Isolation Enter the world the authors and content creators intended their listeners to be in. Immerse yourself by drowning out unwanted noise to focus on every word and sound from your earbuds.

Microphone A microphone housed in the right dongle cleanly picks up your voice allowing you to sound crisp and clear to any listener when you’re on a call.

Battery Life 8-hours of non-stop continuous in either listening or call mode assures that the G2 earbuds will last you throughout the day.

Balanced Armature

Custom tuned for frequencies focused on voice and vocals to clearly hear every intonation and inflection said in your favourite audio books or podcast.

Tether Cable Designed to have easy to reach media buttons and a large battery for wireless connectivity that will last you the whole day. The tether cable sits comfortably around your neck for portability and access.

Connection Range – 30m

Crystal clear audio and microphone pick up. Feel confident whether you’re on a crowded street or walking around your office 30m away from your phone that you’ll never drop a signal.

Customer Reviews
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Rosa O.
United States United States
Good Comfy Sound

Just one wish. I wish I could see the teeny ever so tiny translucent “R” and “L” on the head phones!!!

United States United States
First pair of earbuds that fit me!

I have always hated earbuds. I'm that person you still see holding my phone to my ear, because I've never found a pair that doesn't fall out of my tiny ears. Until now!! Holy Moses, these are game-changers for me! I can run with these, I can listen to my true-crime podcasts while I cook with these. And the best part is that my ears never feel tired or sore. I literally forgot I had them in by hour six on my first day of use. LOVE them.

Pam B.
United States United States
Excellent product

Very pleased with my yellow Curiosity Wireless earbuds from Buderflys. After a couple of uses, these have custom-fit to my ears and I can now wear them for hours at a time without any discomfort at all. Sound quality is excellent and I forget I'm wearing them. Highly recommend.

Lisa P.
United States United States
excellent sound quality

The sound is so clear, I feel like the person on the podcast is standing right next to me. Excellent!

More comfortable over time

I wore them for 6 hours the day I received them and mostly to listen to podcasts. I think they actually got more comfortable over time and I became less and less aware of them. The sound for the audio podcasts was great, it was as if the people talking were in the room with me.