Here at Buderflys we are all about connection. We want to elevate your listening experience by making richer connections with the voices and thoughts you love. We promise you will never miss a word. Our fit allows for long term comfort for those podcast binge walks or a heart-to-heart calls with your mom. Our sound is optimized so every word is crystal clear. You will be immersed in the audiobook you are listening to and feel like the narrator is sitting right next to you. Our battery life and option of a wired cable, make it so your buds are always available to use. You literally will never miss a word.  

Our Fit

First things first: Let’s make sure you get that perfect fit. Because our buds are technically in-ear monitors, they fit a little differently than what you are probably used to. Here is a quick tutorial on How to get the right fit.  The more you wear your Buderflys, the more comfortable they get as they react to your body heat. Put on your favorite podcast, right now we are loving everything from Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History, and wear your buds for a longer period of time (at least 45 min). Your ears adapt to the way Buderflys fit and honestly you might forget you are even wearing them. 


Our Sound

Our high-end sound stereo comes with a Balanced Armature (BA) technology and a sound signature that is optimized of the spoken-word like audiobooks, phone calls and podcasts. This means the sound is a little different from what you are used to with earbuds that use dynamic drivers. You may feel like the bass is missing a bit but not to fret the more you wear Buderflys you will start to appreciate the full composition of our higher-end full spectrum speaker system. 

When switching sound sources, the industry standard is to use your new speakers/ headphones for at least seven days before making an ultimate decision as that is the average time it takes for the brain to acclimatize to the sound source. 


Charging your Buds

Just use the Micro-USB cable to charge your buds. All you have to do is dislodge the rubber cover on the dongle and attach the Micro-USB. Then plug the USB into any device or power block. Once fully charged, the LED light will be blue and you are off to the races with 8 hours of continual usage. 

Here is a short tutorial on How to Charge Your Wireless Tether/Buds.


Wear your Buds two ways

 Did you know that you can wear your buds two ways. 

  1. With the wireless tether
  2. With a T2 Estron Cable

T2 Estron Cable enables you to continue to use your buds while the wireless tether is being charged. Simply detach your buds from the wireless tether and then attach the T2 Estron Cable to each bud. You then can plug the wired cable into any device. How to Use the T2 Estron Wired Cable