Curiosity Wireless G3 (Totally Wireless). COMING SOON. $389.00


Lightweight and ergonomic for long-lasting comfort

Optimal angle for a natural fit that won’t fall out during activities

Noise isolation for a fuller, cleaner sound domain even in noisy environments

‘HRA’ - High-resolution sound

Stereo sound signature that has extremely high intelligibility of the spoken-word

Tri-Mic system for optimal communication without the interference of outside noise 

Active usage: Up to 8 hours  Standby usage: Up to 1000 hours

Charging case for recharging, plus wireless tether plug in option for up to 14 hours of wireless usage

Alexa compatible

Tap, record, tag, translate to text, and save/share functionality

Sound signature


Designed to provide a customized fit without the pain, ear fatigue and fragility of widely-used materials within the industry. Extensive testing with a proprietary blended material substrate cured within a platinum-based solution allows for a soft, durable, comfortable solution that can be worn for extended periods of time.


The mechanical design of the ear piece has distinct relief-cuts formed into the canal structure which allow for consistent isotropic compression when inserted into the ear without developing ‘hot-spots’ of discomfort. The material design dampens the sound and precluding sound from affecting cartilage. The ear piece is designed to fit the vast majority of unique ear shapes, yet allow for continuous use over a long period of time with no discomfort.



Careful consideration of our user has enabled a matrixed approach of various audio components to develop a sound signature that has extremely high intelligibility of the spoken word, while allowing for a wide sound-stage experience with music or other content. By computer modeling the BA sound profile, choice of sound work in concert to provide a specific sound profile that rests within 20Hz to 20kHz output, and ensuring efficiency of Sound Pressure Level of 1 watt @ 1 meter (known as an audiophile benchmark).


Meticulous effort put in to ensure earpieces are within a tight dB tolerance of each other. This allows for the user to experience the content as the author intended with no interference from the earphones.



Braided silver-plated copper wires enhance the delivery of every detail in your music and spoken-word sound profiles.

The Wired cable plugs directly into your device, and is used by those who have not made the leap to Bluetooth yet, or prefer a better quality sound that hasn’t been compressed. Also good for those who prefer a non-Bluetooth option when meditating or sleeping. Order your wired cable HERE.

The Wireless Tether Cable plugs into each earbud, attaching them together. It does not directly plug into your device, but rather has Bluetooth technology to connect the tether wirelessly to your device.


Our industry leading noise isolation leverages our advanced noise reduction to hear more of your conversations, music and podcasts and less of the outside world


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