Codename G4: Package G2 Wireless Tether (Get on the list) and Wired Cable


G4 - is G2 with Cord system combo -

Wireless tether and Wired

G4: this is the Curiosity Wireless Tether ($249) with wired-cable (normally $49) combo ($279)


We at Buderflys, think about earbuds as a portal to the incredible world of digital content.  We love music, podcasts, audiobooks, streaming video, gaming … and we love talking on the phone hands-free. So we built Buderflys to compliment today's lifestyle.


We focus on the user and their needs.


No over-designed features that only appeal to some users, some of the time.


Our design strategy - FIT 


FIT is the chief complaint with any earbud. They usually hurt after a while or fall out or don't fit at all. We at Buderflys had the same complaints and set out to solve this pain point. 


Introducing the first pliable earbud on the market - BUDERFLYS.  They never get hard or have to curate which means they are customizable to every ear, every time! 


Think Buderflys are the earbud for you? Well, they are not quite available but if you want to be part of our beta testing team, please click the link below.

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