Curiosity G2 Earbuds

Wireless (tethered) earbuds designed for long-term comfort that flex and form with your ear all day long.

Your Ears Flex, So Why Don’t Your Earbuds?

Every time you move, your ears flex and change shape. So who ever thought hard-plastic earbuds were a good idea? And those rubber tips do little to keep your ears from aching after wearing them for a while. Buderflys are the only earbuds in the world to use completely flexible material that adjusts to your ears as they move and works with your body temperature, making Buderflys more comfortable the longer you wear them.

Optimized for the Spoken Word

Hear podcasts, audiobooks, and phone calls like you never have before. Buderflys don’t overproduce the bass, giving you clear, nuanced sound.


All-Day Battery Life

The tethered design gives you 9.5 hours of active battery life (33 hours of idle use), perfect for all-day listening.

True, Innovative Comfort

Our game-changing, pliable earbuds deliver endless comfort not available in any other headphone on the market.

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1. Optimized for the Spoken Word

Hear podcasts, audiobooks, and phone calls like you never have before. Buderflys don’t overproduce the bass, giving you clear, nuanced sound.


2. True, Innovative Comfort

Our game-changing, pliable earbuds deliver endless comfort not available in any other headphone on the market.


3. All-Day Battery Life

The tethered design gives you 9.5 hours of active battery life (33 hours of idle use), perfect for all-day listening.


“These are crazy good, I’m blown away. The fit is 10X better than anything on the market, and I love the pristine sound. Today I was jamming out to NPR in-between zoom calls and I loved it.”

- Trevor T.


The Tether

You’re just getting to the best part of your favorite podcast when a piercing beeping lets you know your earbud batteries won’t hold out. Jarring moments like this are exactly why we designed Buderflys to work for 9.5 hours of active use (4x more than most wireless earbuds). Thanks to the tether design, you’ll never have your audiobooks, podcast, or phone calls ruined by dead batteries. The tethered design also lets you easily drop your earphones around your neck without fear of losing them.

  • • Offers up to 4 times the battery life of other untethered earbuds
  • • Perfectly places the precision microphone to cleanly pick up your voice
  • • Eliminates fear of losing earbuds during activities like commuting or hiking
  • • Provides easy access to media buttons

Balanced Sound

You might listen to podcasts, audio books, or music, but have you ever felt that moment when you become so enthralled in the narrative, every audible distraction melts away leaving just you and the experience? Most earbuds overproduce bass frequencies and call that “great sound” while actually causing ear fatigue. Buderflys focus on the complete sound spectrum for an incredibly clear—and comfortable—auditory experience.

  • • So comfortable you’ll forget they’re in, allowing complete audio immersion
  • • Noise isolation for a bigger, cleaner sound with industry-leading dB tolerance
  • • High-resolution sound optimized for audiobooks and podcasts


As heavy listeners of podcasts and audiobooks in between never-ending conference calls, we wanted comfortable earbuds to wear continually and securely while delivering incredible clarity of sound.

Listening habits have evolved and Buderflys are the only product on the market to respond to this progression. Our comfort technology and pristine sound profile are the result of a tireless four-year journey filled with research, exploration, and innovation. We can’t wait to get them in your ears.








Our Listening Ritual

A Collection of our Tribe's Favorite Podcasts

Listens We Can’t Stop Talking About

This Week's Listen We Can't Stop Talking About is My Aunt is a Nun. Host Megan Bell, makes pancakes, watches Netflix, tweets and sings to birds with her aunt, the nun. Her stories of these shared moments remind us of sublime human kindness. To make sense of the nonsense, she turns to her aunt, and the Sisters in her community. Despite tension around religion, these nun's stories are not about the church or organized faith but with 135 years of collective insight. The veils are off and they explore everything from anxiety to intimacy, prayer to politics and poverty to justice. Their stories teach us how to find wisdom and humor in the past, while reminding us the valuable lesson of living in the present.
Colon, minus sign, parenthesis - not an excerpt from our writing 101 class, but three simple key strokes that would give way to an online revolution. The very first emoji was born on September 19th in '82 when a computer science student was worried his jokes in the university chatroom fell flat. Gimlet's Not Past It, picks a moment from the current week in history and explores how it shapes our world today. The Birth of Emojis is fun and exactly the subject you didn't know you wanted to learn more about until you're ten seconds into the podcast. Like all cool kids, we originally scoffed at the use of emojis and never thought we'd be one for sending them, but now . . . it's all smiley faces, high fives, dancing ladies. And we've quickly learned not to use the cry laughing emoji, or we will age ourselves. It's all about the skull these days, if you find something funny, highlighting how the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee adapts to changing social landscape. As lifelong learners, we love how this podcast dives into the history of and need for these images to compensate in nonverbal, non-face-to-face communication. To think . . . it all started with a man worried his jokes were taken too seriously :-)
From Cocaine Bear to cone boobs, Episode 52 of Smartless is our obvious choice for "This Week's Listen We Can't Stop Talking About." Elizabeth Banks is the guest host and we realize quickly that she's not only hilarious but also wicked smaht. She doesn't skip a beat when Bateman literally asks her "Is college hard?" Proving that actually kids, there is such a thing as a stupid question. It was at Penn where she not only graduated with honors but picked up a love of learning. And it was this moment we realize she's our kindred spirit. Banks is a storyteller, knows how to drop F bombs with class, and is honestly just completely down to earth. The discussion goes in all directions, and SPOILER ALERT, Sean Hayes at one point shocks his co-hosts and comes out as gay and Arnett talks about that one time he was on a dating app. It's basically an hour long conversation with your besties.
October is National Women's Small Business Month which offers the perfect opportunity for us to dedicate this week's podcast recommendation to our fearless leader, Shea Gerhardt. Being a woman entrepreneur poses countless challenges, and in the male dominated, tech industry, it is no small feat. The perseverance of this phenomenal woman is unparalleled. With this in mind, we sought out information on Women Entrepreneurs, and this week's podcast from Planet Money, Two Indicators: Women and Work. Learn the staggering statistics on Women started businesses and the factors that stunt the growth. These jaw dropping statistics offer a glimpse into the real landscape of a woman small business owner. Here are just a few: 80% of CEOs are male (these numbers haven't budged in almost a decade). Women start 40% of companies, yet don't end up in a leadership role due to lack of funding. Women are half as likely to get a small business loan, as opposed to men. The pandemic set women pay equality back by a decade. A DECADE. So yeah, we bow down to Shea and all womxn leaders who continue to shatter these statistics.



Imagine putting in your earbuds or plugging in your headphones and listening to a smooth, relaxing voice. You are hanging on every word and ready for your next binge. That is the beauty of podcasts, and today they are more popular than ever. With the COVID-19 pandemic, digital media such as podcasts has only continued to rise.

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The Buderflys journey started one day in 2015 on the ski slopes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. While I love music and have enjoyed an amazing career in the music industry, you can usually find me listening to podcasts or audiobooks – even when I ski or run marathons.

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We are a team of thinkers, life-long learners, audiophiles, and explorers. As we walk, work, bike, ski, ride, commute, and occasionally sleep with earbuds, we know that the ability to wear earbuds for long periods, comfortably, and with incredible clarity of sound is vital to how we discover great content and communicate.

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To recycle electronics, all of the elements need to be hand-stripped and taken apart, which can be a pricey endeavor. But one we are committed to doing. And that we’ll cover the cost for. We will send a shipping label to you when you are ready and we will do all the recycling on our end.

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