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As heavy listeners of podcasts, audiobooks, spoken word content, and never ending Zoom calls, we wanted earbuds that could be worn continually, comfortably, and securely while delivering incredible clarity of sound.

After four years of innovation, we have developed the Buderflys' Curiosity Wireless earbuds.

Limited Release April 2021

Our Listening Ritual

A Collection of our Tribe's Favorite Podcasts and Audiobooks

Monthly Focus: Giving & Kindness

Giving Thought Podcast

In episode 77, they interview Jon Dean about his new book The Good Glow: Charity and the Symbolic Power of Doing Good. I loved this particular episode as they ask the very important question "Is the “warm glow” of giving always dependent on one’s acts being visible to others, or can it be entirely personal?"

Recommended by
Tribe Member Courtney

Impact Boom

I loved episode 235 where they discussed how the pandemic has disrupted education, work opportunities and future planning for countless young people. Topics that are truly relevant to right now.

Recommended by
Tribe Member Greg

Conan O’Brien Needs
a Friend

In episode 92 Conan, my dream man, interviews Michelle Obama, my dream woman. I mean, what more do I need to say?

Recommended by
Buderflys Team Member Annie

The Kindness Podcast

The episode posted on Sept. 16th, 2020 features an interview with the Holderness Family. I loved hearing about my favorite parody song family and how quick they are able to turn out content that makes me crack a smile.

Recommended by
Tribe Member Jessica


The Prof G Show

Scott Galloway, NYU marketing, brand professor, and entrepreneur, talks business and higher education. Smart, funny, and I learn something every time.

Recommended by
Tribe Member Bryce

Gangster Capitalism
Season 1

Season 1 is about the college admission scandal. With Mossimo and his wife reporting to jail, this is just so timely. It is nutty how people will do anything (lie and cheat and lie more) to get their kids into certain schools. I mean cheating on the SAT - who does that?

Recommended by
Tribe Member Lee

The Thing About Pam

I found this interesting because it takes a format I would never watch on TV (produced by Deadline) and somehow makes it seem like art when presented as an audio podcast. Not too long, and well told.

Recommended by
Tribe Member JoJo

The Other Latif

A reporter with the same name as a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay researches the prisoner, Why he was sent to prison and how the reporter finds parallels with his own self journey.

Recommended by
Tribe Member Josh


Corona Virus and quarantine was one thing, but now that I’m being forced to confront my own privilege as well as police brutality and racial injustice, I don’t feel like I have the skills or tools or language to properly or responsibly engage in the huge discussions that are necessarily occurring right now.

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The Buderflys journey started one day in 2015 on the ski slopes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. While I love music and have enjoyed an amazing career in the music industry, you can usually find me listening to podcasts or audiobooks – even when I ski or run marathons.

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We are a team of thinkers, life-long learners, audiophiles, and explorers. As we walk, work, bike, ski, ride, commute, and occasionally sleep with earbuds, we know that the ability to wear earbuds for long periods, comfortably, and with incredible clarity of sound is vital to how we discover great content and communicate.

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To recycle electronics, all of the elements need to be hand-stripped and taken apart, which can be a pricey endeavor. But one we are committed to doing. And that we’ll cover the cost for. We will send a shipping label to you when you are ready and we will do all the recycling on our end.

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