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Buderflys- Earbuds Designed for the Curious Mind and Life-Long Learner

Roughly 90 percent of listeners report a noticeable level of discomfort while listening to anything for longer than 45 minutes. That’s a lot of life spent listening in discomfort. But who’s to blame for this?

The way we consume content has drastically changed over the past decade. Sadly, earbud design has evolved very little. As a voracious listener, you’ve been searching for an earbud design that lets you listen comfortably for long periods of time. Even with the little rubber ear-tips that come with a number of buds, most earbud companies simply expect you to deal with ear fatigue and soreness. Not Buderflys.

The reason earbuds cause pain and discomfort is that the human ear moves when we chew, talk, and exercise. This movement creates friction, and friction causes pain. Buderflys’ proprietary earbud design flexes and forms to your ear, helping you avoid the pain that has plagued your listening hours for far too long. They also adjust to your body temperature, making them more comfortable the longer you wear them.

You deserve the calm, intellectually stimulating listening environment Buderflys afford. No more agitation. No more earbuds falling out during the conclusion of your favorite podcast.

No more pain. Simply comfort. Tired of the hard and inflexible plastic earbuds yet? Buderflys is here for you.

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Earbuds For the Life-Long Learner

For you, learning never stops, regardless of where you are. You devour podcasts and audiobooks every day. On the subway, on the walk to work, on the airplane, in the gym. It doesn’t matter. If you want a more pleasant and immersive listening experience, we’ve made our proprietary earbuds just for you.

On long plane trips, uncomfortable audiobook sessions while biking, skiing, or running, listening to podcasts or audiobooks while we worked, ear fatigue was constantly deterring us from our listening and learning goals. Hard, inflexible earbuds distracted us too many times. As podcast and audiobook fanatics ourselves, we feel your pain.

That’s why we have dedicated so many years of our lives to providing comfortable earbuds you can wear without feeling anything, earbuds so soft and squishy the only thing you notice is the sweet stream of clear, continuous, knowledge. Buderflys is the only product on the market that understands your pain and provides a tailored solution. Your ears are funnels for the knowledge you seek. They deserve a listening experience backed by research and innovation. From the moment you wear Buderflys, you’ll never want to take them out again.

Buderflys is specifically designed for:

content hungry listener

The content hungry listener: lifelong learners that listen to content for 40 minutes or longer.

information and consumption listener

Those constantly looking for new ways boost their information consumption and knowledge.

earbuds for people who like audiobooks and podcasts

Those who enjoy listening to audiobooks or podcasts while cleaning, exercising, or commuting to work.

Buderflys Cable System

What Makes Buderflys Different?

Our earbud design eliminates ear fatigue, soreness, and any annoying fit issues with a one-of-a-kind flex and form earbud design. Avid podcast and audiobook listeners can enjoy an unlimited, comfortable listening experience and no longer have to worry about pressing pause.

Our Curiosity G2 Wireless Earbuds with the Buderflys Cable System offers unmatched sound quality and endless comfort with over nine hours of active battery usage. Paired with our T2 Wired Linum Cable, you can easily plug directly into your devices so you never have to miss a word of your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, or music.

Buderflys feature a flex and form design composed of a blended material substrate. This mixture creates a squishy, durable, and above all, comfortable listening solution that can be worn for as long as you like. Additionally, because they respond to your ears’ temperature, the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become. Our only worry is that you’ll never want to take them off again.

Because every other earbud currently on the market causes friction when listeners talk, chew, or even move, Buderflys created an earbud solution that flexes with your ears instead of against them. Relief-cuts formed into the canal structure accomplish isotropic compression and avoid hot-spots. Regardless of the shape of your ear, Buderflys will fit comfortably.

As a lifelong learner and curious mind, we had you in mind when we created Buderflys. While most earbud companies focus on bass output, they fail to realize many people aren’t looking to have their content saturated in the low-end of the sound spectrum.

Aside from that, Most companies boost their bass to create the illusion of noise isolation without actually accomplishing it. That’s why you can hear the guy’s music sitting next to you on the bus. On the other hand, Buderflys developed a sound signature that preserved the intelligibility of the spoken word while allowing for clear, nuanced sound throughout the whole sound spectrum. The result is a crystal clear sound with less vibrations, which means less ear fatigue and soreness.

With the computer modeling of the BA sound profile, Buderflys accomplish a sound profile resting between 20Hz and 20kHz. They also ensure an audiophile-level sound pressure of one watt at one meter. Our earbuds keep the earpieces within a tight dB tolerance of each other, meaning listeners can digest the podcast or author’s content as it was intended, without interference from the earbuds. Lastly, Buderflys feature a passive noise isolation that exceeds other earbud designs, letting you stay aware of the outside world without compromising your listening experience.

With sleek, braided, silver-plated copper wires, Buderflys feature a T2 Lithium Wired Cable system that enhances the minute details of your listening experience. This cable also plugs directly into your device, meaning you can listen to your audiobook or podcast without interruption, for as long as you like. The cord also means that you don’t have to listen to Bluetooth if you’re meditating for long periods of time or sleeping.

Additionally, the Wireless Tether Cable plugs into each earbud and attaches them together. So, instead of plugging directly into your device, the Bluetooth technology connects the tether to your device. This Wireless Tether also features 9.5 hours of battery life, 4x longer than typical wireless earbuds.

Listen Without Limits With Buderflys

You know the feeling. Walking on a brisk autumn night, trying to relax your mind as you stand in the security line at the airport, pedaling the last mile of your bike ride. You’ve been listening for hours and all of the sudden a light bulb goes off in your head.

The source is either an author, speaker, or podcaster. The content is stimulating, it makes you continue listening. Whether it’s the conclusion of the book you’ve been listening to, the final point of a Ted talk, or a laugh from a comedy podcast, you thank the wonders of modern technology and the knowledge and joy it provides. It’s time earbud technology caught up with that feeling.

None of your listening time should be spent in pain or discomfort. Try Buderflys. Our innovative Curiosity G2 Wireless Earbuds with the Buderflys Cable System is the ideal choice for listening to your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, or video content no matter how long the journey is. With an advanced design and materials that flex and form with the natural shape of your ears, our earbuds offer unmatched comfort and sound quality.

No more bass saturation to cover up subpar noise isolation. No more taking your earbuds out because you can’t stand the discomfort. Try Buderflys today or shoot us an email at TheTeam@Buderflys.com to learn more about our innovative earbuds so you can listen without limits.