A Collection of our Tribe's Favorite Podcasts

As of January 2022, there are over 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes. With statistics like this, it's nearly impossible to narrow it down to the best of the best. Don't fret. We've got you. We have an obsession with not only devouring podcasts and audiobooks, but then subsequently talking about them, and we've curated this collection just for you. A collection we've affectionately named "Listens We Can't Stop Talking About." Enjoy.

Broken Record featuring Jack White
Hey! Annie here, Head of Operations for Buderflys. As a Colorado native and music enthusiast, I highly recommend this listen. My most memorable concert at Red Rocks was Jack White. The storm came in and swirled, dumping buckets and giving us a lightning show. And what did Jack do? He just kept playing. He threw off his shoes because he was sliding all over the place. Red Rocks is always magical but this night in particular it was spectacular. So, when I saw that Jack White was featured on my favorite music podcast, Broken Record, it jumped to the top of my queue. He is just one of the coolest cats out there - creating music, fostering a great lineup of artists with his own label and keeping vinyl alive. With Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell behind the podcast, you know you can expect the best.
One Year - 1986: The Ultimate Field Trip
We begin with immense anticipation and excitement and end in shock and sadness within a few minutes . . . this memory comes right back into focus with this podcast. Evan Chung tells the story of the 500,000 American teachers who competed for an unprecedented prize of a spot on the Space Shuttle Challenger, the grueling selection process and the aftermath of a tragedy that hit so close to home. This listen brought back such visceral feelings as we remember exactly where we were when this happened. In Mrs. Loftus' 4th grade class, she rolled in the TV cart to watch live -- the launch of the Challenger. Where were you?
The School of Greatness wtih Lewis Howes
We love when our Buderflys family comes through with a recommendation like this one. Not only is Lewis Howes (former Pro Athlete turned NY Times Bestselling author) a great interviewer but every episode helps to fill your head with informative and positive thoughts to keep you going. He widens your perspective and promotes a growth mindset. Lewis does an amazing job of connecting with his guests which range from Shaun White to Jay Shetty all while connecting with his listeners. From discussing strategies to win any negotiation and how to beat procrastination, to money habits to prepare for inflation and developing a super-human level of self-confidence, he covers it all. With over 1,200 episodes, there are so many choices. Listed in the Top 50 of all iTunes podcasts this is definitely on our list as a general "go-to."
Smartless featuring Kenan Thompson
At 44, Kenan is not only the first cast member of SNL to be born after the show had already begun its now 47-year run in 1975, but also the longest-tenured cast member. In this episode of Smartless we learn What's Up With That?! Not gonna lie, we were kind of giddy to hear from one of our all-time favorite cast members. He doesn't shy away from revealing life as a child star to Emmy nominated celebrity status. Kenan's resume is padded. He's working bicoastal, raising two kids and is a huge hockey fan. But our favorite part of the episode is when Will, Jason and Sean get the skinny on whether or not the subject of his impersonations are fans of his performances. Let's just say that Mike Tyson and Steve Harvey had two very different reactions. Our favorite life lesson from this episode? "We're all just one hat and 40 buttons away from being Steve right now." 
The Wright Brothers by David McCullough
How did two brothers without any engineering education become pioneers in aviation and teach us to fly? As a nod to the beloved historian and two time Pulitzer Prize winner, David McCullough, we have gone back through the archives to cherish all he has done for us throughout his career. This Weeks Listen comes from our Founder/CEO Shea, and tells the story of this classic American entrepreneur. A story that was very close to Shea’s heart. The Wright brothers' pure love of innovation and curiosity around building something that has never been done before, mirrored Shea’s inspiration in the founding of Buderflys. In this amazing story of persistence, focus, hard work and the willingness to take HUGE risks, the Wright Brothers caught that spirit of invention that was prevalent at the turn of the century and is still engrained in our culture today. With the recent passing of McCullough, we wanted to give him a loving tribute. Dubbed by the New York Times, "Best-Selling Explorer of America's Past," we have thoroughly enjoyed all our journeys with you Mr. McCullough.
Look, in all transparency, we're not huge NFL fans but with the season right around the corner and some encouragement from our plus ones, we thought we'd give this listen a try. And we have to say, we're pretty fascinated with Mr. Luck's tale. We kind of remember all the hype around Andrew Luck, the Stanford QB drafted #1 to the Colts back in 2012. As die-hard Bronco fans, this meant something to us as we got Peyton and you all know what happened next in the Mile High City. (SB Champs 2016) Well, this six-part series dives into what happened to Andrew Luck during that same timeframe and why this franchise QB retired at just 29. We can honestly say. . . we LOVED it. We learned so much about this kid who grew up overseas. This kid whose dad was an NFL player. This kid who just loved football. This kid who on paper was the perfect player. So, what happened?  Do your ears a favor and listen.
Grit with Founder & CEO Thrive, Arianna Huffington
This listen came up in our weekly staff meeting and for good reason. Arianna is a force. Period. Three reasons we loved this podcast - One: Arianna is extremely genuine. Two: Her story. She's from a poor family in Greece and later became the President of the Cambridge Debate Society through perseverance and unwavering support from her Mother. Three: She lives by this sentiment - "Being present in every interaction is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other." This rings true today, more than ever before. Arianna, if you're reading this, we would die to meet you in person but for now we will settle for this inspiring interview with you. 
The Execution of Bonny Lee
Calling all true crime fans!! This hits all the right buttons, sex, scandal and Baretta, ya know the hit detective show from the 1970's? I remembered a while back hearing about Robert Blake (aka Baretta) and his troubles with the law but didn't pay too much attention. So, when we came across the Execution of Bonny Lee Bakley from Wondery, our interest was definitely piqued. Now, was our chance to hear the whole story about Robert Blake and wife Bonny Lee Bakley. We liked the way this version is told with credible historical background and then spliced with dialogue to keep the story moving. In the end, we didn't really have much empathy for anyone, as they are all pretty horrible people except the innocent baby girl who was 11 months when this all went down.
The Storyteller by Dave Grohl
There is a reason this listen has 4.9 stars with over 15K reviews . . . because Dave Grohl is magical. Plain and simple. As music fans it wasn't hard to fall in love with this listen. It's like you're in an 11-hour conversation with the coolest person in the room. You blush at how lucky you are to be hearing his stories. Are we obsessed with Dave Grohl? Maybe. From his first foray into learning how to play, to growing into a famed musician with multiple bands (Scream, Nirvana, Foo Fighters), this autobiographical listen is thoughtful and smart. What we also found endearing is that he's a family man to his core, admitting his greatest achievement is his family. We laughed, we cried and we gained even more admiration for a rock god who we already had on the highest of pedestals.
Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult
It's wheels up and off to the Galapagos for Diana and Fin after four years of meticulous saving and planning for their engagement. At least, this was the plan until the pandemic hit. Sound familiar? Medical resident, Finn must stay back but he urges Diana to go on the non-refundable trip. They had no clue how things would unfold. Diana is stranded, learning to adapt and find her way through unlikely decisions and friendships. This listen will resonate with everyone who has had a pulse over the past two years. It hit so close to home with the complex feelings of worry, excitement, sadness, amusement and all the stress of living during a pandemic. This was beyond relatable as we all felt these jumbled emotions while trying to keep it together. We can only hope we made the right decisions given the circumstances. 
Principals by Ray Dalio
Ray Dalio is one of the world's most successful investors and entrepreneurs. He founded an investment firm out of his two-bedroom NYC apartment in 1975. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we were excited to learn about the unconventional principles he's developed, refined, and used over the past 40 years. The best part is that any person or organization can adopt these, and make them their own in an effort to achieve their goals. Recommended by our favorite robotics engineer, we gave it a try. And, we have to agree with their assessment - Dalio is without a doubt a bit self-absorbed. In fact, we're cringing right now just thinking of DaIio looking in the mirror, reciting "I am so wonderful. After all, I am a gazillionaire." But it's worth a listen because of the principles he espouses while showing you how to implement them. Being in the startup ecosystem many of these principals speak volumes to us!
That Scene with Dan Patrick
Yes, it is that Dan Patrick, the famed sports broadcaster and he is mingling with actors and filmmakers. Just like two peas in a pod. Not exactly but the combo works swimmingly. Dan breaks down some of the most iconic scenes from their careers. As film buffs, this is right up our alley. Think of the last fight from The Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio (Go Crane Kick!) or Rosie Perez chatting about her dance moves at the beginning of Do The Right Thing. We found each 30 min episode pure joy. If we have to pick a favorite -- it is Dan and Will Farrell diving into the newscasters throwdown on Anchor Man. This had us in stitches!