Our Tribe

We haven’t had a chance to get a full team photo. But this is what it may have looked like in the pre-Covid days.
Shea Gerhardt profile image

Shea G.

Shea is Buderflys’ visionary strategy guru and a lifelong learner who loves nothing more than learning new things and being inspired by others’ thinking.

Matt C profile image

Matt C.

Matt knows the audio and headphone space like the back of his hand, and he is the reason Curiosity earbuds sound so incredible.

Sarah April profile image

Sarah A.

Sarah loves to just get sh*t done and inspires the rest of us to do so as well. She is also the team’s social butterfly who never turns down a get-together.

Blaine Cheshire profile image

Blaine C.

Blaine is into math (CPA), and he is funny – a rare unicorn in the finance and accounting space.

Sarah April profile image

Doug M.

Doug is a backend developer, software extraordinaire, and audiophile. He owns way too many earbuds, and thus, his primary motivation for seeking us out was a belief that there had to be a better way.

Matt H profile image

Matt H.

Matt (this one with an H) is a material genius (PhD), he loves process, engineering, and manufacturing more than most should. He has found a group of likeminded lovers of process, material design, and manufacturing at PSN in PA.

Sarah April profile image

Stuart S.

Stuart is our current business intern who is up for anything and never says “no” to lending a helping hand. Except when his little chocolate lab demands his full attention.

Sarah April profile image

Darren M.

Darren is our resident thinker, podcast listener, and blogger. He is forever searching for truth, justice, and the meaning of life, so stay tuned.