*Our temporary COVID-19 team photo.

Shea Gerhardt | CEO

Shea is Buderflys’ visionary strategy guru and a lifelong learner who loves nothing more than learning new things and being inspired by others’ thinking.

Matt Christensen | COO

Matt knows the audio and headphone space like the back of his hand, and he is the reason Curiosity earbuds sound so incredible.

Sarah April | CGO

Sarah loves to just get sh*t done and inspires the rest of us to do so as well. She is also the team’s social butterfly who never turns down a get-together.

Blaine Cheshire | CFO

Blaine is into math (CPA), and he is funny – a rare unicorn in the finance and accounting space.

Doug Mellon | Dir. Ecommerce

Doug is a software engineer and audiophile. He has owned way too many headphones, and thus, his primary motivation for seeking us out was a belief that there had to be a better way.