People Magazine's #1 Best Fit/Comfort

HOT DAMN - PEOPLE magazine named Buderflys #1 for Best Fit/Comfort and one of the Top 7 Earbuds of 2022! Growing up in our house meant, there were always a stack of People magazines on the coffee table. Which makes sense, since it's been in print for nearly five decades. Buderflys set out five years ago to build the world’s most comfortable earbud. At the time, no one said it could be done, but we did it! Buderflys has developed a patented comfort technology that allows the earbud to flex with the ear as it moves, successfully solving the #1 pain point in the industry (affects 87% users). Buderflys has grown a beloved brand around the on-the-go Knowledge Seeker – the history buff, the meditator, the truth seekers, the health & fitness explorers, the seeker of the latest technology trends, etc. A group that favors the intimate experience of the earbuds but is sick of the 15 yr old design (think: white wire airpods that came free with your phone and todays wireless airpods). Those of you who like to fill the spaces in between by devouring audiobooks and podcasts. You know who you are - you're our people.

"If you're a die-hard earbud user and are struggling to find a secure, well-fitting pair of buds, these will make you forget you're even wearing them." - People magazine