American Innovations - The Modern Ambulance

Did you know the Modern Ambulance didn't officially hit the roads until the 60's? We had no idea! We just figured, when you dialed 9-1-1 it always sent a squad of trained professionals to your needs within minutes. In fact, 9-1-1 calls used to be routed to funeral homes because they were the only ones with vehicles that could transport a body vertically. CRAZY! It all began when one ER doctor had a very personal experience that forced him to think about how to better care for people on the way to the hospital. He teamed up with an unlikely community in Pittsburg to start the vital service we know today. We loved this podcast, as it fed our passion for learning. Whether it be important historical facts, business advice or in this case, the backstory of the squad that saves lives every day, our ears were happy with this listen.