This is a podcast about the bond between two people who have made something together. Touching on a variety of partnerships – business, romantic, creative, but all truly unique and complex. Host Hrishikesh Hirway from one of our favorite podcasts, Song Exploder, has done it again with this banger. A beautifully intimate portrait packed into 20 min episodes, and with each one we find ourselves thinking about our own partnerships and how they came to be. Like the time, we chatted with a friend of a friend about their new business at a dinner party which led to a decade of collaboration, or the creative partnership with a child that breeds magic on the daily. Highlight episodes include Lin-Manuel Miranda & Thomas Kail on the creation of Hamilton and Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger the founders of Instagram. Sometimes chance meetings, recognizing someone's strengths and weaknesses, picking up queues - it's all about that vibe and how it can lead to fantastic partnerships. Who's your partner?