Podcast 16

We love a podcast series with a tagline "Science for people who give a s**t." The most recent episode we listened to was a chat with uber-smart Dr. Beronda Montgomery. A PhD, writer, researcher, scholar and author of Lessons from Plants. She is just brilliant and has an amazing outlook on life. Her life's work consists of being an expert in all things plants. What really stuck with us was how she compares plants and the decisions they make based on their energy levels, as opposed to how we as humans just go - go - go, thinking we have infinite energy. We may want to be more like a Hydrangea - sit in the shade, make sure we have tons of water and bloom once a year. Dr. Montgomery's ability to relate many of the world issues back to how plants react is so very interesting. Once this podcast wrapped, we went right over to Amazon and bought the book. Because it turns out, what we can learn from plants is a whole heck of a lot.