Podcast 33

October is National Women's Small Business Month which offers the perfect opportunity for us to dedicate this week's podcast recommendation to our fearless leader, Shea Gerhardt. Being a woman entrepreneur poses countless challenges, and in the male dominated, tech industry, it is no small feat. The perseverance of this phenomenal woman is unparalleled. With this in mind, we sought out information on Women Entrepreneurs, and this week's podcast from Planet Money, Two Indicators: Women and Work. Learn the staggering statistics on Women started businesses and the factors that stunt the growth. These jaw dropping statistics offer a glimpse into the real landscape of a woman small business owner. Here are just a few: 80% of CEOs are male (these numbers haven't budged in almost a decade). Women start 40% of companies, yet don't end up in a leadership role due to lack of funding. Women are half as likely to get a small business loan, as opposed to men. The pandemic set women pay equality back by a decade. A DECADE. So yeah, we bow down to Shea and all womxn leaders who continue to shatter these statistics.