Podcast 38

With all that is dark in the world today, we often seek out light, funny and uplifting content to fill our free time. We ignored our hesitation and dove right into this podcast about Jason Rezaian, former Washington Post Tehran Correspondent and his wife who were held hostage at the notorious Evin prison back in 2014. Sealed off from the outside world and accused of being an American spy, this will have you on the edge of your seat. Despite the heavy subject matter, this real-life story weaves a hopeful couple, undying family persistence, nuclear diplomacy and a love for avocados into an intense and emotional year and a half. In this 9-part series, you will be rooting for the entire Rezaian family as they recount the details of 544 Days. And like us, you will be googling Project Avocado and be in disbelief of how it links to Jason Rezaian.