Reply All - #158 The Case of the Missing Hit

Ever get a song stuck in your head from years past - you know the tune, some of the lyrics, but can't put your finger on the name? Luckily you can Google the bits and pieces you do have and voila - pages of information about the lyrics, song, writer, etc. appear on the screen. Your earworm is cured! This wasn't the case for one gentleman in California. He's determined to find a song from his 90s high school days, but it's nowhere to be found. How does this even happen today? Host, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, investigate leaving no stone unturned. We smiled the whole way on our walk this morning during this listen with a few laugh out loud moments. (Other walkers gave us the thumbs up!) The pace and the conversations of uncovering this mystery offered pure joy. This is a classic example of why Reply All is in our rotation. Episode #158: The Case of the Missing Hit.