A Collection of our Tribe's Favorite Podcasts

As of January 2022, there are over 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes. With statistics like this, it's nearly impossible to narrow it down to the best of the best. Don't fret. We've got you. We have an obsession with not only devouring podcasts and audiobooks, but then subsequently talking about them, and we've curated this collection just for you. A collection we've affectionately named "Listens We Can't Stop Talking About." Enjoy.

How to Become Batman by Invisibilia
How To Become Batman by Invisibilia, is the perfect lazy-Sunday listen that came highly recommended from a Buderflys user. "One of my favorite things to do while traveling on business, is listen to podcasts. On a memorable trip to Tokyo, I listened to this episode on a crowded train, simply mesmerized by the story and thinking about how a blind person might be able to navigate the Tokyo subway system. We came away from this episode believing it is in fact possible to become Batman, that blind people can see, and rats can do anything as long as they have someone believing in them." Thanks, Yoriko for giving us this weeks recommendation, where we contemplated the surprising effects our expectations can have on the world around us. What are you listening to? 
Searching for the elusive but crucial concept of “enough”? Yeah us too...
It’s the start of a new year which aligns perfectly with building new habits and a full awareness of oneself. This year we are kicking it off by studying and searching for the elusive but crucial concept of “enough.” For the meditation side of this equation, we turned to the famed meditation skeptic Dan Harris and his podcast 10% Happier. In this episode, Harris interviews Morgan Housel author of the book Psychology of Money. Money is often part of the equation when searching for “when is enough, actually enough?” This engaging interview explores the difference between being rich vs. wealthy, happiness vs. contentment, and how financial success is more about behavior than intelligence. And in case you were wondering, I bought Housel’s audiobook after listening to this podcast, because it turns out, this podcast was just not ENOUGH, I needed to know more (;
Articles of Interest: Blue Jeans
January in Denver centers around the National Western Stock Show and all things agriculture and denim. So, it seemed fitting to listen to a brief history of blue jeans and indigo via Articles of Interest, the podcast about what we wear. We love the premise behind this podcast because what we wear means so many different things to each of us. An article of clothing can represent what we believe in, it can feel like home, it can make us feel hip or not, it can support old traditions, or it may just be utilitarian. For us, comfy, worn-in, blue jeans are a uniform worn daily, that spark nostalgia. But at the same time denim can be acceptable in the office, or for a nice dinner. They're magic. And absolutely the only acceptable attire at the Stock Show. Enjoy this blue jean daydream of a listen. 
Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
This is a love letter to science and the scientific brain wrapped in a misleading candy-coated cover. If you've ever had a meal prepared by a chemist, it was undoubtedly one of the best you’ve had. Ever have a real conversation with your dog, where you are sure they got the gist of what you were saying? Ever have to battle to succeed in an outdated legacy system? For us the best books are the ones that don’t have a single ounce of cliché. Lessons in Chemistry passed this test. The bubble gum cover seems to imply a “beach read," and while it was a page turner, we found it wildly interesting, smart, witty, and satisfying. While we don’t read a ton of fiction, we would recommend this book by Bonnie Garmus to anyone whose ear we can bend.
Stuck in post-holiday ski traffic, we decided to listen to Heavyweight with Jonathan Goldstein. After multiple episodes we found ourselves laughing, crying to these tremendously relatable stories. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. We all have moments where we wish we could go back and change the course of time. Jonathan's specialty is working with listeners to do exactly this - serving as a part-time therapist with a time machine. From a chance meeting in a foreign country to tracking down a lost cousin, these journeys speak to the heart. There's a reason this listen made the top ten of 2022 from the New Yorker. Happy Listening!
Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade
I think we can all agree that companion podcasts are the best. The laughs continue after a TV show has finished. We thoroughly enjoyed The Office Ladies and The Always Sunny Podcast and we're excited to have come across Fly on the Wall. Dana Carvey and David Spade kill it rehashing great SNL moments with hosts, cast members, writers and even musical guests. We just listened to the tribute episodes celebrating the comedic genius of Chris Farley. The laughter brought us to tears. We can't wait to listen to the Chevy Chase episode, since we just finished our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation. "If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now." 
Song Exploder_Rick Astley
Have you ever been Rickrolled? We've fallen victim many times but most recently it took the form of an email from our kid - Check out my grades for the semester. We blindly clicked the link, excited to celebrate mostly A's and B's, then "Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you." Over thirty years later...how did this 80's mega tune become a mega meme? Wanting to know more about this earworm - we listened to episode 233 of Song Exploder. The song that was #1 in over 25 countries and the video that has over a billion views was created by mixing Britain, a break up, and a baritone? Give this a listen and Rick will tell you the whole story.
Radiolab - The Dark Side of the Earth
Traveling this holiday? Be sure this recommendation is on your list. Seriously. Your drive or flight time will fly by listening to Radiolab's The Dark Side of the Earth. Astronaut Dave Wolf, has been to space 4 times, completed 7 spacewalks and logged over 4,000 hours up there. When asked to tell a story about darkness, he describes the extremes of light and dark in space, relives a heart-pounding close call, and shares one of the most tranquil moments of his life. Out in the blackness of space, the contrast between light and dark is unimaginably extreme – every 45 minutes, you plunge between absolute darkness on the night-side of Earth and blazing light as the sun screams into view. These terrifyingly beautiful images are crystal clear, thanks to Wolf's stories. Our minds and ears were consistently filled with excitement and wonder up until the very last second.
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Though not new, this is a wild ride! All of you fellow 80s kids will enjoy this futuristic, virtual reality fantasy treasure hunt and trip down memory lane. From Back to the Future, to The Shining, the plot is action packed and brimming with easter eggs. In fact, we found ourselves checking YouTube to relive some of the nostalgic moments referenced throughout. Will Wheaton is the perfect narrator and even reads a reference of himself - so meta! We suggest you listen to the audiobook, then watch Spielberg's 2018 film version this holiday season - it's the perfect escape. A shout out to our customer Becky for the recommendation. 
Innovation Meets Leadership featuring Buderfly CEO, Shea Gerhardt
In honor of Women-Led Wednesday - we feature our fearless leader, our founder, Shea. She’s a mother of three boys, an avid skier, a loyal friend and a patented inventor. She’s a crazy creative thinker - she can see around corners where no one else can. Check her out in the latest episode of Innovation meets Leadership as she tackles how to develop an effective product while reiterating, the importance of focusing on the customer's needs by providing a solution to a problem. The problem: 87% of earbud users experience pain and discomfort. The solution: Buderflys - the earbud that constantly flexes with your ear providing the most comfortable listening experience. 
Sounds Like A Cult
If someone asked you if you were part of a modern-day cult, you'd answer "no," without giving it a second thought. Right? Well, guess what, you're probably a part of a modern-day cult. From Taylor Swift to Starbucks, think about what you're obsessed with from our cultural landscape. You better believe we identified with many of the "cults" featured in this quirky 30 min podcast. Especially "The Cult of Trader Joe's" with the Holidays right around the corner. If you're a fan - TJ's is the jackpot from late November through December. You won't want to miss this cult classic or their microwavable fondue (available now.) No, this is not a sponsored post. Why?
This is a podcast about the bond between two people who have made something together. Touching on a variety of partnerships – business, romantic, creative, but all truly unique and complex. Host Hrishikesh Hirway from one of our favorite podcasts, Song Exploder, has done it again with this banger. A beautifully intimate portrait packed into 20 min episodes, and with each one we find ourselves thinking about our own partnerships and how they came to be. Like the time, we chatted with a friend of a friend about their new business at a dinner party which led to a decade of collaboration, or the creative partnership with a child that breeds magic on the daily. Highlight episodes include Lin-Manuel Miranda & Thomas Kail on the creation of Hamilton and Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger the founders of Instagram. Sometimes chance meetings, recognizing someone's strengths and weaknesses, picking up queues - it's all about that vibe and how it can lead to fantastic partnerships. Who's your partner?