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Wireless (tethered) earbuds designed for long-term comfort that flex and form with your ear all day long.

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Every time you move your mouth, neck, and head, the shape of your ear changes. Wearing hard inflexible earbuds hurts after a while, even with those little rubber/foam tips, heavy earbud users experience soreness and fatigue. Our innovative squishy material is form-flexing, never-hardening and responds to your body heat. They literally become more comfortable the longer you wear them.

Curiosity Wireless G2

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Curiosity Wireless G2

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T2 Wired Cable

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Designer Wireless Tether Cord

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Inspired By Necessity

As heavy listeners of podcasts and audiobooks in between never-ending Zoom calls, we wanted comfortable earbuds to wear continually and securely while delivering incredible clarity of sound.

Listening habits have evolved and Buderflys are the only product on the market to respond to this progression. Our comfort technology and pristine sound profile are the result of a tireless four-year journey filled with research, exploration, and innovation. We can’t wait to get them in your ears.

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