Experience exceptional comfort

Wireless earbuds designed for fit and comfort that flex and form with your ear as you move throughout your day.

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Inspired by Necessity

Our listening habits have evolved over the years from 30-minute music sessions to chatting with co-workers remotely, realizing our growth mindset through audiobooks, or diving headfirst into our favorite podcasts during those in-between times. If the way we consume content has changed, why are we still using the same hard plastic in our earbuds with tips that never seem to fit just right?

Redesigned for today’s earbud users

Engineered for comfort

We have has spent the last four years developing a comfort technology that flexes with the ear as it moves to bring you the most comfortable listening experience throughout those marathon sessions.

Pristine vocal clarity

Buderflys wireless earbuds are tuned for pristine vocal clarity to ensure you never miss a word of your favorite audiobook or podcast. Creating an experience that places both the narrator and yourself in the same intimate space.

All-Day, Flexing Earbuds.

Every move of your mouth, neck, and head changes the shape of your ear. That’s why hard earbuds fall out, and those rubber tips irritate your ears. Our proprietary core material cured in a platinum-based solution creates a form-flexing, never-hardening material that responds to your body heat.

Noise Isolation Enter the world the authors and content creators intended their listeners to be in. Immerse yourself by drowning out unwanted noise to focus on every word and sound from your earbuds.

Microphone A microphone housed in the right dongle cleanly picks up your voice allowing you to sound crisp and clear to any listener when you’re on a call.

Battery Life 8-hours of non-stop continuous in either listening or call mode assures that the G2 earbuds will last you throughout the day.

Supplement your Listening Experience

For those who have not made the leap to Bluetooth yet or prefer a better quality sound that hasn’t been compressed.

Our designer cables are made by women entrepreneurs in Colombia and finished in San Francisco.