The World’s Most Comfortable All-Day, Flexing Earbuds. Guaranteed.

Adapts To Your Ear

First flexing technology adapts while you wear them. Producing an amazing podcast, audiobook and call experience.

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92% of people get ear fatigue from 45 minutes or more of earbud use. That calls for an earbud revolution.

Say hello to Buderflys.

Your Body Heat and Movement Create A Bespoke Fit And Comfort.

Every move of your mouth, neck, and head changes the shape of your ear. That’s why hard earbuds fall out, and those rubber tips irritate your ears.

Our proprietary core material cured in a platinum-based solution creates a form-flexing, never-hardening material that responds to your body heat.

BUY NOW - $249

The First Earbuds Evolved For the Audio Nerd.

Knowles Balance Armature Drivers
High-resolution sound
Acoustic symmetry
Noise isolation
Up to 8hrs of active use

It's Like Magic...Malcolm Gladwell in your ears all day.

No more ear fatigue. Proprietary flexing technology provides a dynamic, bespoke fit every time you wear them.

From podcast to video call and back—all day. A custom fit that adapts with your ears for the most comfortable long-form listening.

For audiobook and podcast aficionados. Hear audio beautifully and comfortably.

Work-From-Home Heroes

Duel-Mic system for optimal communication on video and phone calls.

Control at your fingertips with convenient call handling, volume, and track skipping from either earbud.

Activate voice capabilities like Alexa, Google, and Siri (per your device).

Active usage of up to 8 hours for fewer charging breaks.

BUY NOW - $249

Optimized Sound Quality For Spoken Word Audio And Hi-Fi Music

We wanted more: incredible clarity to help true-crime podcasters crack the case, rich sound for the big plot twist, and lush music quality.

Precision Audio Tech

Knowles Balance Armature Drivers. Hear everything from rich bass notes to crisp highs.
High-resolution sound. Clear, clean spoken words so you never miss a syllable.
Acoustic symmetry. A tight dB tolerance to experience music and words as the creator intended with no interference from the earphones.
Noise isolation. Industry leading noise isolation leverages our advanced noise reduction. Hear less of the outside world.


•  Water-resistant body

•  Active usage: Up to 8 hours

•  Standby usage: Up to 1000 hours

•  Charging time: less than 2 hours

•  Wireless Tether Cable with Bluetooth

The G2 earbud features a high quality driver that allows for control of the sibilance range and improved resolution without requiring a boost to the upper treble gain.

The Buderflys Effect: Listen Longer, Change Your Life


What makes Buderflys different?

Since your ears move and change shape every time you move your head, neck, or mouth, hard clamshell-shaped earbuds cause painful friction and fall out. Buderflys are built with a patent pending proprietary form-flexing compound that allows the bud to fit snugly in your ears and move with you. Our proprietary material uses body heat to mold to your ear, meaning they fit your unique ear shape every time you put them in.

What is your 30-Day Risk Free Trial?

Your 30-day risk-free trial starts the day your Buderflys are delivered. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return your buds within 30 days.

What is the battery life of Buderflys?

Active usage is 8 hours.

Do you need a wired cable?

No, however, it does enable you to keep using your buds while the tether is charging, and also lets you plug directly into your devices (like your computer, for example).

Do Buderflys have a microphone to make calls?

Yes. Buderflys are perfect for phone calls, FaceTime, Zoom meetings, Google Meets, and everything in between.

Are Buderflys water resistant?

Yes. However, they are not waterproof, so do not submerge your earbuds in water.

Are Buderflys wireless?

They are tethered together but do not connect to any device, so they are wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds.

Are Buderflys noise canceling?

Yes. Our industry-leading noise isolation technology helps you hear more of your calls, music, and podcasts and less of the outside world.

Can you use Buderflys for music or are they only for audiobooks/podcasts?

They are for all audio! We have developed a sound signature that has extremely high intelligibility of the spoken word while allowing for a wide soundstage experience for music.

I have big/small/unusual ears. Will Buderflys fit?

Absolutely! They are the only buds on the market that never get hard and adjust to the unique contours and constant movement of your ears.


We Believe in Connection Through Perfect Comfort

Buderflys was founded on supporting a growth mindset by challenging yourself to pursue new interests. We also believe you shouldn’t have to choose between lifelong learning and living your life. A simple change, like wearing earbuds developed for incredible comfort and high-end audio, can help the stories, topics, and thought leaders you want to hear seamlessly fit into your life.

We are committed to making the audio and spoken-word experience exceptional, easy, and enjoyable with unmatched technology and extended comfort. No fiddling, no pain, no worries. A modern solution to a modern problem for every self-proclaimed geek who just wants to keep their favorite podcasts and audiobooks in their ear all day long.