The T2 Linum Wired Cable allows for the tether to be detached and reattached to the earbuds as follows: 

  1. To detach your tether from the earbud, hold onto your earbud and pull the cable straight in the direction the cable is attached. If it is hard to detach, try to rotate the earbud while pulling the cable straight out. Be careful not to rock or angle the earbud. This can cause damage. Identify which cable is the left and right by the “L” and the “R” at the tip of the cable and match to the appropriate earbud.
  2. To attach the wired cable, make sure the "L" and the "R" at the tip of the cable match the appropriate earbud.  Insert the cable by pushing the cable directly into the earbud socket.  You will hear a soft snap when it is connected.