A Wine Makers List of Top Podcasts

Editors note: The following is a guest blog piece by Kevin Nesgoda. Kevin is a lover of wine turned wine investor and maker in Southern California. We are honored to have him present to us his list of top wine podcasts. If you have suggestions you would like to share with us, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know at theteam@buderflys.com


Over the last twenty years, the average consumer in the United States has started to treat wine as it should be treated. There is so much to know about wine and quite a few places to find it that it can oftentimes become overwhelming.

What I've found to be the most enjoyable is to go on a walk, pop in some comfortable earbuds, and listen to a wine podcast.

There are a lot of different podcasts that you can listen to on the subject that take you from the soil to the glass. Let’s take a look at some of the best wine-related podcasts out there.

comfortable earbuds

Inside Winemaking with Jim Duane

This is a podcast for the people who want to get into winemaking and want to know the process of creating a killer vintage. Jim Duane is an award-winning winemaker for Seavey Vineyard in Napa Valley. Each week Jim brings on a guest to talk about a different portion of the winemaking process. He’s had fellow winemakers, soil analysts, distributors, vineyard managers, and everything in between. You’ll pick up a wealth of information from this podcast.

Wine Blast with Susie and Peter

This is a podcast to pick up information on the whole process yet again. Susie and Peter have great chemistry together and speak to their guests like they’ve known them for years. These episodes are fun and fly right on by.

GuildSomm Podcast

This is a podcast for professional drinkers. No not alcoholics, but rather sommeliers. The hosts rotate depending on the topic and each is so in-depth. You’ll learn about marketing, label design, terroir, and why 1981 Burgundies are the best vintage wines ever.

Wine for Normal People

Elizabeth Schneider is just like most of us who enjoy wine. She’s got the palette of a normal person and will break down new wines from various vintners all over the world. She does an excellent job of saying why or why not you’ll like a wine and what it pairs best with.

Wine Enthusiast Podcast

The podcast from the most read wine magazine globally. You’ll hear from winemakers, wine writers, and so much more on this podcast. It can be technical but presented in a way that everyone can understand.

Wines to Find

This is the podcast for the collectors. Want to know the vintages that are peaking shortly? This is what you’ll want to listen to. This podcast is meant for people who can spend a bit of money on a single bottle of wine.

Italian Wine Podcast

The top source for wines from Italy. A great wealth of knowledge from Barolos to Super Tuscans with mentions of everything in between. If you’re a big fan of Italian varietals this is a must listen to with those comfortable earbuds.

Interpreting Wine

This podcast does not focus on the Lafite-Rothschilds of the world, but rather the small vineyard in the middle of the mountains in Idaho and places like that. Lawrence Francis does a great job of finding those hidden gems from the smaller producers.

Unreserved Wine Talk

This show is all over the place in a good way with their guests. You’ll hear from winemakers, people who do compliance, or even the people who design filters for winemakers. Such a fun podcast.

I’ll Drink to That!

Another great show that pulls out the small producers, sommeliers, and wine writers. There is a lot of great information on this show and Levi Dalton is an amazing host.

There are a ton of other wine-related podcasts out there that also deserve a shoutout, but week after week these are the ten that I do not miss an episode of. So grab those comfortable earbuds, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, kick back, and enjoy.