Five Must Listen Travel Podcasts

There is always so much that needs to be accomplished before traveling. Whether it’s finding the best-priced tickets, hotels with the greatest value, or searching for the most comfortable earbuds, I have found that often we simply don’t have the time to do our own research. 

This is where a good travel podcast comes in. Not only will they give you advice and solid tips, they will also transport you to a realm of adventure and exploration. Possibly even give you some inspiration on where you might want to go next. 

comfortable earbuds

Let’s get into some of the top five travel podcasts you’ll want to listen to for your next trip. These are not in any particular order either. And remember, don’t forget your most comfortable earbuds!

Zero to Travel

In Zero to Travel, travel expert Jason Moore and his various guests dive deep into questions surrounding travel. Why we do it, how we can do better, what to bring, ect. They also dig into what traveling does for them emotionally. In each episode, listeners will hear actionable advice to help you travel better and smarter.

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Amateur Traveler

In Amateur Traveler, they advise on specific destinations that they themselves have traveled to. If you’re looking for somewhere specific, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, host Chris Christensen will guide you through each destination, providing a one-week itinerary of what to see, do, and eat.

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Wild Ideas Worth Living

This is an REI-sponsored podcast with a focus on the path less traveled. It is hosted by journalist Shelby Stanger and features conversations with people who managed to bring their wildest ideas, goals, and passions to life. In each episode, you will hear from all walks of life. From athletes to environmentalists, and to even just regular people. 

You’ll want your most comfortable earbuds for this one because you’ll be listening for a long while.

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Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

For those traveling on a budget, this is the best podcast for you. Buying plane tickets with miles, never checking a bag, and even squirreling away an extra free snack is part of traveling on a budget. In each episode, host Travis Sherry interviews various guests who inspire you to set out on your own affordable adventures. 

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The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

This one is an excellent background podcast. Everyone loves a good travel story. In The Thoughtful Travel, it feels like you’re in a room with friends you have not seen in a long while. In each episode, host Amanda Kendle interviews her fellow travel addicts about their travel experiences. Naturally, this digs up some of their best stories.

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