The Science Behind How Earbuds Can Change Your World

With most earbuds, a dull, achy pain is just part of the experience. Up until the creation of Buderflys, there wasn’t even an alternative. But did you know that, by eliminating the irritation that most other earbuds cause, Buderflys comfort actually has a positive effect on your listening experience, your ability to learn, and your overall well being?

It’s More Than You Think

We’ve all experienced it before: A story, a song, or a podcast that you just can’t seem to get into. You find yourself distracted, having to skip back again and again to recall what you heard. The problem might not be what you’re listening to, but how you’re listening.

A joint study from Johns Hopkins and Brown Universities found that subtle irritants and distractions had much bigger consequences than most people realize. In another study, researchers at George Mason University found that your overall experience could be substantially impacted by even small, but constant irritations.

Your ability to retain, learn from, and even enjoy what you're listening to is scientifically proven to be impacted by the earbuds you wear.

Why Buderflys Are Really Different

Ears contain almost no rigid bones (the very reason you never see ears on skeletons). Instead, ears are made from flexible skin and cartilage that is constantly adjusting their shape as you move. So even if you’ve somehow lucked out and have ears the same size as those rubber tips on most buds, they just can’t adjust to your ears changing shape as you go about your day. This is what causes earbuds to fall out and create friction that causes a dull, irritating sensation (especially if you wear your earbuds for longer lengths of time).

Buderflys’ patented material was designed not to fight against your ears’ movements, but flex and adjust with them! They’re the only earbuds in the world created with continually flexing material that works with your body temperature, making Buderflys more comfortable the longer you wear them.

This removes the irritations and distractions from your listening experience, making it easier to become immersed and capable of learning and recalling what you heard.

Effects On Your Health

For most of us, podcasts, audiobooks and music are a form of therapy. But when that experience is combined with irritating, ill-fitting earbuds, it can actually have a negative impact on your physical and emotional health.

An article from Mental Health America points out that even small, constant pain can raise stress hormone levels. This was shown to create a body chemical imbalance that caused subjects to lose interest in activities they normally loved.

On the flipside, a comfortable listening experience can have a profound impact on your physical and mental health. We specifically created Buderflys because no other earbud on the market was designed to be comfortably worn for long periods of time. As avid listeners, audiophiles, learners and explorers, our favorite activities always included earbuds. After being fed up with inadequate alternatives, we created the world’s first and only buds designed to actually increase in comfort the longer you wear them.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Our Buderflys earbuds have an extensive amount of glowing reviews from many, many happy customers. Check out what they have to say and see our products specs and details for yourself here.