How Did This Get Made?

We keep coming back to this listen, because it's that good. The premise - Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael (three of the most hilarious comedians on the planet btw) take a movie and try to answer the question How did this get made? With close to 300 episodes, you're bound to find a movie where you too, asked yourself, "HOW did this get made?" From Look Who's Talking 3 and Roadhouse to Jack Frost and Speed 2, the questionable decisions the director, film studios and actors made are on full display and the hosts are ready to roast them all. Recently, we listened to the questionable decisions of cult classic and personal favorite of our staff - Grease 2 with Michelle Pheifer. June loved the movie however when you get into the details -- this movie makes zero sense! This podcast makes for fun family time -- watch a movie so bad, it's amazing, then listen to the podcast for pure hilarity. This dynamic trio will have you wanting to listen to all 300 episodes.