Look, in all transparency, we're not huge NFL fans but with the season right around the corner and some encouragement from our plus ones, we thought we'd give this listen a try. And we have to say, we're pretty fascinated with Mr. Luck's tale. We kind of remember all the hype around Andrew Luck, the Stanford QB drafted #1 to the Colts back in 2012. As die-hard Bronco fans, this meant something to us as we got Peyton and you all know what happened next in the Mile High City. (SB Champs 2016) Well, this six-part series dives into what happened to Andrew Luck during that same timeframe and why this franchise QB retired at just 29. We can honestly say. . . we LOVED it. We learned so much about this kid who grew up overseas. This kid whose dad was an NFL player. This kid who just loved football. This kid who on paper was the perfect player. So, what happened?  Do your ears a favor and listen.