The Wright Brothers by David McCullough

How did two brothers without any engineering education become pioneers in aviation and teach us to fly? As a nod to the beloved historian and two time Pulitzer Prize winner, David McCullough, we have gone back through the archives to cherish all he has done for us throughout his career. This Weeks Listen comes from our Founder/CEO Shea, and tells the story of this classic American entrepreneur. A story that was very close to Shea’s heart. The Wright brothers' pure love of innovation and curiosity around building something that has never been done before, mirrored Shea’s inspiration in the founding of Buderflys. In this amazing story of persistence, focus, hard work and the willingness to take HUGE risks, the Wright Brothers caught that spirit of invention that was prevalent at the turn of the century and is still engrained in our culture today. With the recent passing of McCullough, we wanted to give him a loving tribute. Dubbed by the New York Times, "Best-Selling Explorer of America's Past," we have thoroughly enjoyed all our journeys with you Mr. McCullough.