Outside Podcast: Bad Decisions, Good Stories

I was originally attracted to this podcast because of my deep love for the outdoors, but the title of this episode really appealed to me as it basically sums up my early adult life “Bad Decisions, Good Stories." Hosts Michael Roberts and Maren Larsen enlist several brave (maybe not so smart) Outside writers and editors to share stories in which they were underprepared for the adventures they attempted to tackle. The tales, told “fireside," are all too relatable and harkens me back to earlier days of adventuring when gusto overtook common sense. Listening to others’ follies allowed me to reflect on my own epic misadventures and to be thankful that I am no longer as foolish as I once was. Signing off to hike Mt. Elbert - where light to moderate snow is predicted…Devon. (Our Head of Brand Strategy)