Secret Sauce of Jony Ive

Wondery hits a home run with Secret Sauce. Co-hosts Samuel Donner and John Frye, take you behind the scenes of the most innovative leaders, companies and cultures. We just put our buds down after listening to the inspiring three-part series on Jony Ive. You know, the guy from Apple. As an admirer of the simplicity of the brand we were attracted to this one because it begs the question in any company, what takes precedence? In this case, design vs. engineering.  Looking for a crash-course on Apple? This is it! It really came down to Jobs and Ive. During each 40-min episode, the "secret sauce" of Jony Ive is revealed - be design focused, believe in yourself and create a legacy. As someone who is not a member of the cult of Apple (shhh.. don't tell anyone), this listen left me wanting to get to know Jony and Steve more.