The Sneak - Season 1 DB Tuber

Does fleeing a crime scene in an inner tube actually work? We found out in this entertaining season of The Sneak. It turns out, an inner tube, a Brinks armored car, bear spray and $400,000, equals the perfect formula for an exciting, good old-fashioned heist story. We were in the mood for a caper of some sort, but nothing too heavy when we came across The Sneak. With a title like DB Tuber, we thought we'd give it a try. What does "DB tuber" even mean? We loved that this 9-part season is broken into bite-sized chunks of 20 min episodes. This way, we could devour 2 or 3 episodes while walking the dog. This listen is about a heist, that is very meticulously planned out but is so flawed from the beginning. We hear from all who are involved and the candid conversations are comical and a bit endearing. We enjoyed every minute!