Smartless featuring Kenan Thompson

At 44, Kenan is not only the first cast member of SNL to be born after the show had already begun its now 47-year run in 1975, but also the longest-tenured cast member. In this episode of Smartless we learn What's Up With That?! Not gonna lie, we were kind of giddy to hear from one of our all-time favorite cast members. He doesn't shy away from revealing life as a child star to Emmy nominated celebrity status. Kenan's resume is padded. He's working bicoastal, raising two kids and is a huge hockey fan. But our favorite part of the episode is when Will, Jason and Sean get the skinny on whether or not the subject of his impersonations are fans of his performances. Let's just say that Mike Tyson and Steve Harvey had two very different reactions. Our favorite life lesson from this episode? "We're all just one hat and 40 buttons away from being Steve right now."