Super Soul: Daniel H. Pink - A Whole New Mind

We cherish those moments when rather than clinging to our beliefs like life-support, we open ourselves up to the ego crushing possibility that we may in fact be wrong. As a lawyer, married to another lawyer, who is also an engineer, with a PhD holding father, and an MD brother, you could say, our family values higher education. After listening to Daniel Pink, I began questioning all my life decisions. Apparently, the “MFA is the new MBA”. Accounting, lawyering, finance - these skills can be automated and outsourced, and of course with the newest iteration of AI with ChatGPT, this is more obvious than ever. 

According to Daniel Pink, creative and symphonic thinking, storytelling, problem solving, and leadership - these “soft skills” can’t be automated and are needed more than ever as technology and outsourcing become more and more common. Now, I'm re-evaluating how I prioritize experiences and education for my children. Definitely worth a listen for some thought-provoking conversations around the value of left and right brain, and where we should be seeking our education.