Episode #146 of the Knowledge Podcast -Barbara Tversky

Ever encountered someone with an uncanny sense of direction but a perpetual struggle distinguishing left from right? And what about muscle memory—did you know that the scientific term for it is spatial reasoning? Like many of the Knowledge Project episodes, #146 delivers insight from someone at the top of their game that will help us all create an unstoppable advantage. The podcast dives into the fascinating science behind spatial reasoning and why we should all be learning more about the importance of this attribute both mentally and physically.

The esteemed guest, Barbara Tversky, a cognitive psychologist and Nobel Prize laureate renowned for her groundbreaking work on heuristics and biases, shares her expertise in this thought-provoking episode. Tversky delves into the profound ways in which our actions influence and shape our thoughts, challenging the notion that our emotions are fixed.

Our team has been enjoying the Knowledge Project podcast, and every episode we've listened to so far has been a cool source of enlightenment and fresh insights. With each installment, we find ourselves engrossed, delving deep into the subject matter and uncovering new knowledge.