What if you saved your family from annihilation?

Perfect for the long holiday weekend is Episode # 283 “What if you saved your family from annihilation?” A man who experienced awful abuse as a child decided to cut ties with his father, which resulted in an incredibly scary story that could have ended very differently. What truly inspired me was this man’s ability to rise above his circumstances and end a cycle of abuse and forgive his mother, when he could have made very different choices. Inspiring, terrifying, and all engrossing, this episode is sure to make you feel all the feels.

I came across This is Actually Happening one day when scrolling through popular Wondery podcasts - not sure what it was about, I picked an episode at random and was immediately invested in the story and outcome. This is Actually Happening tells true stories of events that dramatically altered the lives of ordinary people. While definitely NSFW or kid appropriate, and containing some seriously challenging subjects and stories, every week, This is Actually Happening takes me on a journey that makes me laugh, cry, and view people and circumstances in a new and more compassionate way.