A Collection of our Tribe's Favorite Podcasts

As of January 2022, there are over 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes. With statistics like this, it's nearly impossible to narrow it down to the best of the best. Don't fret. We've got you. We have an obsession with not only devouring podcasts and audiobooks, but then subsequently talking about them, and we've curated this collection just for you. A collection we've affectionately named "Listens We Can't Stop Talking About." Enjoy.

This six-episode masterpiece from Nikole Hannah-Jones and The New York Times, observes the 400th anniversary of American history and highlights the contributions of Black Americans at the center of our national narrative. This podcast and audiobook are a must-listen with 5,000+ five star reviews on Amazon. We could not  agree more with the accolades. Each episode is impeccably researched, filled with powerful emotion and gives us hope for the future. Listen and share. 
Dr. Death Season 3: Miracle Man
Talk of Dr. Death dominated the first 30 min of our Buderflys all-staff meeting, because it's THAT GOOD. Here's the deal, we can all agree that in general, doctors are highly respected, super smart and passionate individuals who endure years and years of schooling and residency. We said "peace" to schooling after 4 years of college. These are people who dedicate their lives to helping others and following Hippocrates’ Oath, right? Well, the Dr. Death series uncovers the stories of doctors who don't fall into this category. Specifically, Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, the brilliant and handsome surgeon who was once thought of as the Miracle Man, pushing the boundaries of medicine and saving people's lives with synthetic tracheal transplants. Journalist Benita Alexander recounts her intimate tangled web with this brilliant doctor. 
Radiolab - Oliver Sipple
Radiolab is a constant in our rotation of podcasts and when you hear this episode, you'll understand why. But we can't give you much description here (don't google it) because in the opening segment, you think you're moving in one direction and then BAM - you're on a totally different road. This twist adds so much to the story and the storytelling is incredible. All we can say is that this episode is about a gentleman named Oliver Sipple and how an instant can change the trajectory of your life. In fact, if this situation had happened in 2022? Things would be VERY different.
The Guilty by James Patterson
Sit back, relax and prepare for a thrill with this three-hour audio drama by James Patterson.  This listen is truly a performance. The premise is about a famed playwright, Osmond Box, known for his completely surprising Broadway plays. Nothing is known about the story, the setting, the premise, or even the actors involved. The first people to discover the truth will be the lucky ones sitting in those seats opening night. Phones are collected, doors are locked. Hours later, half of the audience will be applauding wildly. The other half will be fleeing the theater in mortal terror. Talk about a story with an instant hook. The different characters and voices throughout were simply magical, and you just can't go wrong with John Lithgow as the lead.
Refugee by Alan Gratz
Recommended by a great friend, this audiobook is an action-packed story of courage and survival. It follows the stories of three adolescent refugees from different parts of the world during different political climates. You have Josef fleeing Germany in 1938, Isabella fleeing Cuba in 1994 and Mahmoud fleeing Syria in 2015. The themes of family, loss and perseverance are inspiring. We listened to this with our kids and they couldn't believe that these characters were their age. It opened conversations about refugees, bigotry and entitlement. A must listen.
Speed & Scale by John Doerr: A Global Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now
#1 Best Selling author, John Doerr, thoughtfully brings together the world's foremost change-makers to develop a high-stakes action plan to cut emissions in half by 2030. Above and beyond that initiative, this book provides great insight into how individuals, entrepreneurs and investors can drive change. What makes this book such a game-changer is that it lays out a simple yet powerful action plan to conquer humanity's greatest challenge; climate change. It is exactly what we all need to know.
Torched - Three Seconds on the Clock
With the Beijing Olympics right around the corner, Torched is exactly the podcast you need to get in the spirit. They've only released the first few episodes, which is even better, so we can listen in tandem while we watch the big air jumps, triple axels and a little curling over the next few weeks. With so much on the line on the world's stage, things are bound to go awry. Host Molly Bloom, of the notorious Molly's Game movie, dives into these stories. The premiere episode, Three Seconds on the Clock, tells the story of the 1972 Olympic basketball game that resulted in medals sitting unclaimed in the vault at the bank of Switzerland. The on-court battle was certainly heated, undoubtedly controversial and perhaps even a conspiracy? You be the judge.
I'm Lovin It
We stumbled across the podcast 20,000 Hertz that centers all episodes around the world's most recognizable sounds. As an earbud company -- we're all about sound, so this was like hitting the jackpot! Growing up with McDonalds and aging alongside their marketing and many slogans, this one is chock-full of nostalgia. When you think of McDonalds, what comes to mind? I bet it's not a big guy in a yellow jumpsuit and red hair. It's the slogan I'm Lovin it -- ba, da, ba, ba, ba.  In this episode of 20,000 Hertz, we learned about how these five musical sounds came to define one of the biggest brands in the world and how music really transcends all communication and language barriers. We loved the back story and now have a few nuggets to share on Fun Fact Friday in carpool.
Wild: What Does It Mean To Be Home?
Yes -- COVID finally reared its ugly head and hit our Buderflys family, making us turn to podcasts that center around life during the pandemic. And believe us, there's no shortage. Making clear that it's tough for everyone, but saying "we're all in the same boat" just doesn't resonate. Really, we're all in different boats on the same ocean. In episode 1, award winning New York Times and LAist writer, Erick Galindo takes you inside the life of Daisy Figueroa, a college student who was forced to go back to her childhood home. Rather than wallow, she transforms and creates her own business, Hood Renovationz, redefining and elevating spaces and the standard of living for people in her community. Her candor and deeply personal story had us in tears. Tears of love and happiness, the very best kind.
Podcast 41
Working with our founder is a damn Mardi Gras and ok, so maybe we're a little biased, but this recent podcast captures Shea's passion for Buderflys and her dream to bring long-term listening comfort to the masses. Hear the origin story of Buderflys from the inventor herself and what drives her to continue this entrepreneurial journey. As many of you may know, being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of support from everywhere - family, mentors, co-workers and customers. Host Les Craig and Shea take a deep dive into the nitty gritty details in this Week's Listen We Can't Stop Talking About. We can picture you listening about Buderflys with your Buderflys. That's so meta!
Podcast 40
The host of The Sporkful, Dan Pashman, takes us on the journey of creating the perfect pasta shape. Yes, there's a perfect pasta shape and we didn't realize this until we listened to this series. In fact, pasta used to be something we didn't put much thought into, but in the opening episode, Dan declares "Spaghetti Sucks" and we had to find out why. This 5-part series explores his passion of being a small guy in a big pot. From manufacturing to funding, it's hard to find partners who will work with the little guys. (We know the feeling!) For Dan, it's all about sauce-ability, and fork-ability, and tooth-sink-ability. Who knew there was so much thought that goes into pasta perfection. Cheers to you and Cascatelli in 2022!
Podcast 39
The Against All Odds series is one of our favorite go-to podcasts, as they feature incredibly harrowing real life stories that are brilliantly told, making you feel like one of the adventurers on the brink of survival. Shipwrecked on the Sahara, is based on the journals of Captain James Riley and his crew as their ship is marooned off the North Coast or Africa. This story is one of human endurance and the undying loyalty of Captain Reilly and his crew on the "Commerce" as they forge their way across the Sahara with no food or water along with the constant fear of being taken captive by desert tribes. Talk about digging deep for the will to survive. It makes our bad days pale in comparison. This tale from 1815 will have you binging all of the Against The Odds episodes for edge-of-your-seat storytelling.