“Why Do My Earbuds Hurt?” How to Make Earbuds More Comfortable With Buderflys

We’ve all had to remove our earbuds, pause our audiobook or podcast, wipe or itch our ears, take a break, and then resume our listening experience. After a few hours of this, especially while traveling, it can feel like our ears have been put through hell and back. Buderflys is here to say your ears deserve much better than what they’ve been given.

It’s not your fault. Every earbud company these days has committed to providing consumers with more bass. However, they’ve forgotten one thing: people enjoy listening to things comfortably. That’s why we’ve designed an earbud solution that continuously flexes and forms to your ears and gives them the comfort and attention they deserve. After all, your ears are precious and you should take care of them.

In this blog, we’re looking at why your earbuds hurt and how Buderflys is a proven solution that gives you the listening experience you’ve always wanted. The ear pain and discomfort caused by hard, inflexible earbuds interrupts your favorite podcasts and audiobooks. Buderflys’ custom design eliminates those interruptions, letting you listen the right way – in comfort – for as long as you like.

What Makes Buderflys Special?

Comfortable, Form-Flexing Design

There’s a reason why audiophiles are steering clear from the hard, inflexible earbud design that has been flooding the market for the past twenty years. Aside from the audio quality, these designs don’t keep your ears pain-free. Much of the reason for this is because they won’t properly fit your ears. These earbuds are often uncomfortable, disposable, and cheaply made.

These earbuds are also designed with a one-size-fits-all approach, something that shouldn’t be used when crafting earbuds. Everyone’s ears are shaped differently. More importantly, when we chew, swallow, or talk, our ears move. This movement causes hard, inflexible earbuds to rub and chafe, causing friction and discomfort.

Buderflys feature the only earphone design on the market that takes care of your ears for long durations. You’re a lifelong learner, a curious mind that can’t get enough podcast and audiobook content. Buderflys is the only earbud company that uses continually flexible material that adjusts to your ears as they move and works with your body temperature. This means the longer you wear Buderflys, the more comfortable they become.

Unbeatable Sound

Your earbud fit doesn’t just affect comfort. It also affects audio quality. Without a secure fit, sound escapes before it reaches your inner ear for auditory processing. Think about how many times the person sitting next to you has their music so loud you can hear every word.

Besides the discomfort they cause, hard, inflexible earbuds invite outside sounds into your listening space. This prompts you to push your volume capacity to the brink. Most earbuds boost the bass frequency to make up for this type of poor sound isolation, which is not ideal if you’re listening to the spoken word. It’s also potentially harmful to your ears. Buderflys balance the frequency range, which is ideal for long-form content such as audiobooks or podcasts while protecting your ears from hearing loss.

Additionally, Buderflys have HRA (high-resolution sound) and passive noise isolation. HRA accomplishes a larger, cleaner sound with industry-leading dB tolerance that reduces environmental sounds. Reducing environmental sounds lets you keep your volume under the hearing loss threshold, even if you’re listening to hours worth of your favorite true crime podcast.

You Can Listen Forever In Comfort

With earbuds that don’t fit, listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts for too long can cause significant discomfort. How many times have you been on an airplane and had to take out your earbuds because your ear started to hurt? Buderflys earbuds eliminate this problem with earbuds that continuously respond to movement, friction, and temperature.

Because our earbuds continuously flex and adapt to your ear’s temperature, they become more comfortable the longer you wear them. Essentially, you and your earbuds move in-step with each other.

When it comes to battery life, the Curiousity Wireless G2 Earbuds With Buderflys Cable System headphones, you can listen to audiobooks and podcasts for as long as you like without battery life disrupting your experience. You’re a sponge and you can’t get enough content. You need an earbud solution that lets you absorb for as long as you like.

With an active usage of up to 9.5 hrs, standby usage of up to 33 hrs, and the T2 Linum Cable that plugs directly into your device, letting you listen even while you charge, you could fly around the world and back without having to miss a word.

Buderflys also feature a tether, so if you want to take a break from listening, you can simply let them rest on your neck, and have easy access once you want to resume.

General Tips for More Comfortable Listening

Can Listening to Things Too Loud Cause Hearing Loss?

If you regularly listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or music loudly through your earbuds, you can experience what’s known as noise-induced hearing loss. The maximum recommended volume output for headphones is around 85 dB. However, keeping music lower than this is more difficult than you might anticipate.

Everyone understands how hard it is to resist the urge to crank your volume when you’re in certain moods. It can also be challenging to keep your audiobooks below that level if you’re in a louder area or the audiobook or podcast was poorly recorded.

With Buderflys, the distinct relief-cuts form into the canal and achieve isotropic compression. This avoids “hot-spots'' and prevents discomfort. This material design dampens the sound and prevents it from affecting your cartilage.

Are Earbuds Dangerous?

Earbuds aren’t inherently dangerous, though they can cause pain and infection if handled improperly. You can also damage your hearing by listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks for too long.

Some best practices for earbuds from Healthline:

  • Make sure that you can hear someone speaking to you who’s an arm’s length away. If you’re sitting on an airplane and can’t hear a question from the person next to you, for example, your headphones are probably too loud.
  • Keep your headphones at 80 percent of their total decibel level or lower.
  • Don’t listen to your headphones for more than 90 minutes at a time.
  • Use a health tracker app installed in your device to track how long you’re using your earphones each day and the average volume level.

How Do You Keep Your Earbuds Clean?

The easiest way to avoid ear infections from earbuds is to regularly clean them. This requires more diligent applications than simply wiping them on your shirt. You should be cleaning them with an antiseptic solution in accordance with how frequently you use them.

If you’re listening to podcasts regularly and you’re an avid earbud-user, you should most likely be cleaning your earbuds once a week. Even if you own the most comfortable earbuds like those from Buderflys, you should clean them in accordance with how often you use them.

Try Buderflys Instead

Buderflys is the only company making earbuds that continuously form to the listener’s ears. This design results in listeners being able to listen to their favorite podcasts and audiobooks for as long as they like, in utter relaxation.

You’ll never have to itch, rub, or interrupt your listening experience again when you use Buderflys. In addition to their superior technology, our earbuds feature longer-than-normal battery lives, often up to 4x the battery life than other wireless devices. They also come with a cable that plugs directly into your device, turning them into wired earbuds.

With Buderflys, you won’t worry about charging your earbuds. Imagine listening to your favorite spoken word media straight-through, without interruption, in blissful repose. That’s a world we all want to live in.

Browse our selection of earbuds today to find the perfect fit for all of your audiobook/podcast listening needs.